About Bill LaFever

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, USA. So, the love of the outdoors and nature came naturally. Photography has been a part of my life when I took some photography classes and became one of our high school's photographers. Their equipment was a 4"x5" press camera (Black & White) with state of the art flashbulbs.

Boy, those were the days when you carried flashbulbs in your pockets and burned your fingers when you had to change flashbulbs fast to get the next picture. Of course we did all of our own developing and printing in a space under some stairs in the basement of the school (our private little hideaway).

My first camera was a 35 mm Voigtlander Vitessa which I purchased in 1955. It had a fixed lens which popped out of a fairly small metal body which made it great while mountain climbing, skiing or other outdoors activities. Of course it did not have a light meter, so I either carried one or used the "sunny 16" rule.

In 1973 I purchased my first SLR, a Konica Autoeflex T2 with through-the-lens (TTL) metering and a full assortment of fixed and zoom lenses. This was where I really started photography as an art form. Many of my images were published in ski area brochures and displayed at ski shows in Washington, Idaho, British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. In the late 1990's I upgraded my camera body to a Konica FT-1 because of the collection of lenses I already owned.

In 2001 I took the plunge and upgraded my total system to a EOS Canon system. As you might guess, I have never been one to chase technology. My theory has been that it is the person who makes the photograph, not the equipment (to a point).

All of my work is done on 35 mm color slides. My films of choice have progressed from Kodak Kodachrome 25, Extrachrome 64, Fuji Velvia 50, Provia 100F and Then Velvia 100F. I think I like the Fuji Velvia 50 the best, but also like the extra f-stop I get with Velvia 100. When I need digitized images, I scan my slides with a dedicated film scanner.

In 2005 I purchase my first digital SLR camera which is a Canon 20D. Since then, I only scan old slide and use the digital SLR exclusively.

My subjects are mostly of the outdoors, Landscape and nature subjects around the western United States and Canada. These images run the gamut from wild flowers, trees, mountains and landscapes to rock formations. My passion is for things of beauty in nature. You will find a few images of things that do not meet these criteria, but they will be few and far between.

Bill LaFever